NFTs on the Apple Watch

The proliferation of NFTs is unstoppable. Many well-known brands are beginning to embrace these new technologies, lumped together under the Web3 name. The only problem that this universe has to solve in order to reach posterity is democratization. And Zelf planned everything for that. This company wants to be the Neo-Bank of the Metaverse. Alongside banking products and modernizing an industry as big as video games, Elliot Goykhman’s company aims to give the public a chance to touch the elusive NFTs. To achieve this goal, Zelf came up with the idea of ​​the century: integration on the Apple Watch.

Zelf: The Neo-Bank of the Metaverse is writing the future of Web3

The metaverse’s neo-bank, Zelf, is looking to conquer the NFT market. To achieve this goal, the company wants to bring the world of video games up to date Play to earn money, a game mode where virtual wins have real value. This move would already represent a giant leap, although this economic model would greatly benefit the studios To play existing.

For game makers, the simplest solution might be to dust off old titles and breathe new life into them through P2E.. »

But Zelf has no intention of stopping. Once the article will be very real assets, it will be possible to offer banking and financial services to players. That is, borrowing money in exchange for achievements in a game.

For most people, talking about metaverse banking and consumer credit backed by a video game score is already science fiction. But for Zelf and its founder Elliot Goykhman, it’s already a reality. So much so that the latter are already thinking about the next steps: simplifying and accelerating the transmission of NFTs by replacing specialized websites with transaction systems integrated with instant messaging applications. For the brave readers who are still around, you should know that Zelf allows you to buy and sell NFTs through applications as popular as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram or even Discord.

However, Elliot Goykhman is also aware of the limitations of this ecosystem. Nowadays, while a user can own NFTs and game items, it is difficult to share their collection with other people. It’s hard to imagine someone in a coffee shop pulling out their computer to explore one wallet (portfolio of digital assets). To address this problem, Zelf has once again developed an exclusive solution.

The user interface of today’s NFT marketplaces leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not visual, it’s not exciting. Think of how people show and trade their baseball, football, or Pokemon cards. However, the user interface is one area where Apple excels.»

By integrating blockchain technology into the Apple Watch’s card system, Zelf makes it compatible with NFTs. And by choosing Apple, Zelf makes that experience enjoyable too. And trading NFTs becomes as easy as trading Pokémon cards.

Zelf: Play-to-Earn now available on Steam

NFTs on all watches

Recently, a luxury watch brand, TAG Heuer, implemented a solution to display an NFT on their watch face. Problem, this solution is only available for customers who are willing to invest 1,800 euros in this high-end display. In addition, the luxury watch market in 2020 amounted to 500,000 sales, which is 200 times less than the number of Apple Watch in circulation. It is precisely the latter, with prices starting at $199, that Zelf has chosen to distribute NFTs to the general public.

If the idea of ​​​​TAG Heuer was relevant, then the impact is much less than that of Apple watches. This brand not only has access to a much larger clientele, but is also an expert in the field of connected watches, while TAG Heuer thinks outside the box of luxury watchmaking. Two advantages that Zelf wants to take advantage of. However, luxury is not something that Elliot Goykhman would like to see disappear from Web3. However, value creation is a long process.

I think the industry needs to get luxury by encouraging collecting rather than short-term opportunistic buying and selling. The collection will bring long-term stability to the market as people start using it.»

The main difference between Elliot Goykhman’s approach and TAG Heuer’s is vision. For some, the NFT and Web3 market is a golden goose that needs to be tapped to the full. For Zelf, Web3 is the future. Ultimately, building and solving problems creates value. “Patience and long time do more than strength or angeras Jean de la Fontaine would say.

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