In Saint-Amand-Montrond, this tourist makes the best homemade croissants in Cher

The award has been proudly displayed on the front door window of the Maison Aveline bakery, Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle, in Saint-Amand-Montrond since April 7th.

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More than a month and a half ago, Sandro Polo, a tourist at the bakery, was awarded the 1st gold prize in the Cher department competition in the best homemade croissant category. This competition was organized by the Cher Bakers and Confectioners Association. The 2020 and 2021 editions could not take place due to the health crisis.

A way of “challenging yourself”

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This award is the first for the 25-year-old young man from Loire, who arrived in Cher three years ago. “I received a Bakery Pastry CAP, says Sandro Polo. I went to the department to join my family who live in the area. »

For the craftsman, taking part in the competition was a kind of “challenge” like any other. The traveler continues:

“I like this competition idea. This way we know whether we are doing a good job and can exchange ideas with other craftsmen. »

The competition lasted only one day: “I made my croissant in the bakery before sending it in a dessert-style box to Bourges town hall (where the ceremony took place, ed.),” explains Sandro Polo, whose confectioner was then judged by elected officials, professionals and individuals. “The deliberations took place in the morning. The results were communicated to us in the evening. »

Support for crafts and trades in the Pays Fort-Sancerrois-Val de Loire

A favorable result for the craftsman, who also wins an apron with the image of the event. “You can expect anything in a competition like this,” he smiles. Finally, Tourier, it’s my job here, and it’s pretty specific. My recipe is well calibrated. It is based on the work of the paste, but also on the components. Like butter that can do almost anything. I use the protected designation of origin Charentes-Poitou. With high fat content. That’s the basis,” jokes Sandro Polo.

In a month and a half, if the clientele in front of the Maison Aveline has not tripled, some changes are noticeable. Sophie Aveline, who has been managing the store with eight employees together with her husband since December 2020, smiles:

“This weekend, for example, some customers preferred a croissant to their usual pastry.”

For the manager who sells two hundred pain au chocolat and croissants from Sandro Polo every day, this price is also a guarantee of quality. “The touring profession is getting lost a bit,” observes Sophie Aveline. Many artisans do not make true homemade croissants. After that, unfortunately, they often have no choice, even if it distorts the profession a little. At least at this price you know what you’re eating. »

“My recipe is well balanced and based on my work with the dough but also on the components”

Sandro Polo adds:

“Against the backdrop that we have seen over the past two years, people have a greater interest in quality products. For some, the routine of going to the supermarket has disappeared. »

The end of a austerity routine, for an industry in which production costs are constantly rising. “The price per kilo of butter is constantly increasing,” Sophie Aveline laments. Today we are at 9 euros per kilo. However, we are not willing to put the croissant at three euros. »

Jeraud Mouchet

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