Rugby. Sevens Series in Toulouse: Lou Noël, he owns the future of Les Bleues

At 21, young Lou Noël played her first season with France 7 on the world stage. (©FFR)

“I would really like to be there at this stage toulouse, but we have a lot of very good players. It’s never won.” At the end of last week, boy Lou Christmasfor whom this is the first season on the 7v7 circuit the French women’s teamShe doesn’t know if she’s for the 6thand and last round World Rugby Sevens Series.

Despite only missing one round this season (at Malaga), the 21-year-old was a bit skeptical, aware that she is one of the less experienced elements. Finally the player Bobigny will be there in the pink city as part of the group of 13 players chosen to defend the French colors.

Lou Noël: “Billions of things still need to be learned”

This presence in Toulouse will allow Lou Noël to end a very successful first year with France 7 on a good note.” “I was very well received by this group. It was a real pleasure to start on the Dubai side, discovering the billions of things I still have to learn. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better for this first season,” she said, smilingRugby News.

But Lou Daughter of former professional rugby player Mickaël NoëlShe has “a paradoxical feeling that I’ve learned a lot, but on the other hand I can’t stop thinking that compared to everything else I have left, I really haven’t learned much. Still, I’ve already learned to function with this group, which is Olympic runner-up in Tokyo, so we’re talking about very, very strong team-mates here. This adventure shook me up in terms of the rhythm of the game and all the high level requirements.”

Toulouse stage: the 13 blue selected

Valentin Lothoz (Rennes); Lou Noël (Bobigny); Chloé Pelle (Chilly-Mazarin), Nassira Kondé (Bobigny); Yolaine Yengo (Rennes); Joanna Grisez (Rennes); Alycia Christiaens (Lille); Camille Grassineau (FFR); Carla Neisen (Blagnac); Mathilde Coutuly (Blagnac); Chloe Jacquet (Lyons); Ian Jason (Toulouse); Jade Ulutule (Rennes).

She started playing rugby when she was 15

A high level for Lou to retire from the game, she is the winger at XV who recently moved to the front line with 7 (18 games played, 5 tries scored). “I discovered the joys of hits and scrums that I never knew existed. It’s complex, but equally brilliant. That gives my bow a new string,” laughs the interested party. Above all, she has achieved a lot in a short time.

Because Lou didn’t start playing rugby until she was 15 years old, when she was in second grade. “My family background got me into rugby. My father was a professional and I have a brother who plays rugby. But there was also a women’s rugby club near my house, which prompted me to give it a try. When the first training session was over, I wanted to go back straight away. It was a very nice discovery,” she admits. Trained at Club RC Cruassien, Lou then moved to Rhône XV (Drôme), then to Grenoble in 2018 and finally to Bobigny in 2019 after joining the capital to join a physio school.

“I really like the demand and the ingratitude of the 7”

In 6 years of rugby, Lou has already filled her trophy cabinet with a title of European Under-18 Champion at 7 and a 2nd placeand place at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. And with the 7 she seems to have found her shoe. “I really like the demands and the ingratitude of this sport,” she emphasizes. Before proceeding:

The 7 does not forgive, you have to develop all your physical qualities without exception. Technically it is also very demanding because you have to know how to make good passes on both sides without getting holes in the tackles … Everyone has to know how to complete all the tasks, while the 15th is very limited to precise missions is a game that is more strategic than energetic. I find myself more in the 7 in terms of intensity and completeness.

Lou ChristmasPlayer of the French women’s rugby team

There will be intensity under the Toulouse sun for the final round of the girls’ season. And Lou Noël concludes: “We’re going to play in a rugby region and I hope people will be there to make noise and show that we’re following Rugby 7 in France too. I think it’s going to be great.”

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