Rugby: Decazeville, the day of change

This Sunday, April 24, afternoon (3 p.m.), Sporting is playing for the finals and entry into the Federal 2 against Aix-les-Bains. A badass match.

Impatience, stress, then the calm of a hard workout followed before this important meeting. The pressure is mounting by the hour in Decazeville, who are playing their play-off to qualify for the finals this afternoon (3pm) in Camille-Guibert against Aix-les-Bains.

During the build-up to Friday night’s ax game, all of the Decazevillois players were not in the relaxed mood of an ordinary training session. All present, without delay and above all concerned about a sporting event that will result either from the continuation of the season in the 32nd final (certainly against Aubagne) or from a bitter end to the season. Everything can change for Sporting today. As much in euphoria at winning on his country as in disappointment at having to bow down after just a few meetings to the big goal: getting into Federal 2.

If Decazeville wasn’t conditioned to go through the dams, neither was Aix-les-Bains, as Savoyard coach Fabrice Morel points out. “We qualified on the last day. The two draws we conceded on our pitch at the start of the championship weigh on us. Without that, we can finish in the top threehe clarifies. Ahead of this season’s resumption, we conducted significant recruitment to qualify for the final stages. We’ll try our luck but I know after watching some videos of Decazeville it won’t be easy. It looks like a very well established formation.”

Like Decazevillois technician Anthony Julian, the Aix coach doesn’t get carried away in his speech and prefers to concentrate on the game of his training. I won’t say everything ! (laughs) But it’s true that we’re trying to build movement rugby. What is special about this club is that it has in its ranks a former top 14 player who has been overtaken by Montpellier, Racing 92 and Lyon: Masi Matadigo (42 years old), Fijian international who has participated in two World Cups.

Aix-les-Bains looks to be getting closer to Decazeville in terms of gameplay and the philosophy of an Anthony Julian who, like his players, is combative. “There is no management in this type of confrontation. Our ambitions, no need to go back to it! So of course it will take rigor and determination, but it’s the team that wins who’s right. We want To go further, want we win to afford a 32nd final and why not a 16th? But that will be discussed at the final whistle.

For now, room for that barrage that Decazeville can play at its stadium in front of its crowd. An undeniable advantage knowing the psychological superiority of playing rugby at home. With a formation without Grégory Fabro, injured at the ankle, but with Pierre Lajarrige and Benjamin Besombes back from injuries. Tonight there will be smiles or tears. victory or defeat. The hope of going further or the frustration of getting stuck there.

Decazeville XV: Sigal – Verdié, Pisano, Salles, J. Vidal – Accorsi (o), R. Vidal (m) – Rouquette, Lac, Lavergne – Foulquier, Fiches (cap.) – A. Falgayrat, Pons, Guibert . Substitutes: T. Falgayrat, Landes, Besombes, Lajarrige, Bouysse, Monbroussous, Larivière.

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This barrage, like that between Decazeville and Aix-les-Bains, played over a single game, will determine the last ten teams to qualify for the 32nd finals. This phase will take place on May 1st and 8th in the form of a round trip. And in the round of 16, promotion to Federal 2 will be played on May 15 and 22. So there will be 16 formations that go straight up to the next level. The losers of these confrontations have the opportunity to barrage between them in a match. The eight winners also advance to Federal 2. After a break in promotion, the round of 16, quarter, half and final games will follow on neutral ground every weekend in June.

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