Rugby: Behind the seniors, a whole club is pushing for a Millavoise qualification this Sunday

The Millavois will be in Saint-Jean-en-Royans this Sunday April 24 for their play-off game. One of the most important goals since the arrival of Baptiste Majorel at the head of the group.

Millau has been waiting for it, Millau is here. The final stages are indeed here, within reach of the band of Baptiste Majorel and Sébastien Petit. A goal the club has wanted to achieve since the arrival of the first at the top of the senior squad in 2018.

The Millavois coach had taken over from Henri Ferrero with Didier Chouchan. “Like every change, she was a little slandered, remembers Thierry Pérez, the club’s president at the time. But the players also have to question themselves and we have two coaches today who get along well.”

The training of young people is one of the greatest successes of the association

Good things come to those who wait. Especially when it comes to creating a long-term project. This includes the SOM, which focuses on training local youth. Both in the first team and in the reserves, the youth of Millavoise is present on the pitch.

“Today is one of the biggest successes of the club, praises Thierry Pérez. It means rugby has a purpose, there’s good coaching and a good management team.”

The B-Team on the right track

If the SOM flag team is having a good season, so is the reserve. You don’t have to go through a play-off game to play in the final stages of the French championship.

SOM finished second behind Gaillac and just ahead of rival Lévézou-Ségala with 74.52 points. The Millavois are now awaiting the name of their opponent. They meet the winner of the duel between Saint-Sulpice and Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël on neutral ground.

Team B group is supported by juniors (under 18). You are not qualified for the final stage. They placed 4th in their championship. Only the first three could claim it.

The last home games also showed that the audience in the glove city liked it. The rush in the Parc des Sports is great and the game is fun. Reason the Millavois were desperate to play this playoff at home. A thank you to those who have been denied an oval ball, first by successive restrictions, then by repeated postponements since early 2022.

“We asked them to win in Cahors so as not to regret anythingexplains Rémi Durand. They really put in a solid game and got through it.” But if the planets won’t align…

The SOM is missing one last home game by half a point. “The equalizer didn’t work in our favor but we can’t go back to that”, regrets the co-president of the SOM. For example, against Nègrepelisse, the last of the hens, Millau could have largely counted on the four points of victory. While the federal bill granted only three.

Saint-Jean-en-Royans, a great opponent

The South Aveyronnais now know that Saint-Jean-en-Royans will be a key opponent. “We know it’s getting fat”, admits Rémi Durand. But no choice. Staff took the matter seriously as soon as Gauthier Escalaïs’ left footed ball crossed the bars last Sunday.

The Millavois set out today to tackle this meeting in the best possible conditions. Saint-Jean-en-Royans (4th in the Southeast Group) has suffered just one defeat on its pitch this season. It was on day one against Annonay, who was 3rd, with a score of 22-27.

Opponent’s season

Saint-Jean-en-Royans’ defense was the strongest in Group 4 of Fédérale 2. The Royannais conceded 336 points, an average of 15 per game.

The team has also won important games on home soil, such as against Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes).

Of the group’s five losses, four were away, including one at neighboring Tricastin (14-9) and one at La Valette (20-12), still without conceding many points.

The meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 3 p.m. will begin on the Saint-Jean lawn.

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