The 84-year-old mother announces that she is going into a retirement home and will have to sell the houses her children live in

An 84-year-old mother surprised her children when she revealed she was selling her house and living in a foster home. But in reality she had no plans to settle there.

Edith Gray and her husband Terrence’s lives revolved around their children. They were the kind of parents who would do anything to make their kids happy. It goes without saying that their son Lewis and daughter Addison never lacked for anything.

However, when the children grew up and it was their turn to take care of their parents, they acted as if their parents were just a burden.

“Mom, stop bothering me all the time!” Addison yelled at Edith when she called her one day. “I have a family now! And I’m pregnant.

“But darling, I just wanted to ask how you and Josh are doing. I did not want to…”

“Really mom? Stop showing your false sympathy all the time! You wouldn’t have left us in that one bedroom apartment if you’d taken care of us! You and Dad have a big house to yourselves, but haven’t you ever thought of inviting us to live there?”

“But you never asked for that, Addison. I assumed you didn’t want to live with us.

“That was when I was a student, mom. Now I have my kids to look after and Josh and I are struggling so I’d love to move there! Are you happy now?

“Well, darling,” Edith paused. She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to invite Addison and her husband knowing how strict her daughter was.

Addison yelled at Edith when she called her. | Source: Pexel

However, Edith was worried about her second grandchild, who would be born in a few months, and thought that although Addison is a bit demanding and spoiled, she wouldn’t mind.

“Okay, Addison,” she said. “I don’t mind if you want to move here.”

“Thanks for that. I’ll talk to Josh tonight and let you know when we get there,” she replied before hanging up.

Edith later discussed what happened to Terrence and he was actually glad Addison stayed with them. He assured her that everything would be fine and that they could spend more time with their grandchildren and be close to them.

“Don’t worry darling. Everything will be fine!” he said.

But Edith had a feeling that things were not going to be all right. And she was right.

Edith regrets asking Addison and Josh to move in with her. | Source: Pexel

Two months after Addison and Josh moved in, Terrence died of a heart attack. Edith wanted to wake him up one morning and found that he was no longer alive. She cried her heart out, but that didn’t change anything. Terrence was gone and she had to move on.

After Terrence died, Edith felt very lonely, but Addison and Josh didn’t do much to cheer her up. They were too busy with their own lives to ask her if she was okay or if she needed anything. That’s when her son Lewis called her and although he didn’t ask her about her health or anything, he told her he missed her.

“Well mom,” he said. “Natasha and I are planning to get married next month. Her parents are from India and are very excited to meet you. I even miss you mom. Can you make some time for us this weekend? End?”

Though Edith was still grieving, she agreed to Lewis’ request to make him happy. The meeting between the two families went well and their wedding was organized in an opulent space in Florida where Lewis worked. However, a month after the wedding, he made a strange request to his mother.

“Hey mom,” he told her over the phone. “I was actually transferred, so I was wondering if Natasha and I could stay at Dad’s old house. Since Addison and Josh are already in your house, I think the house would be too small. Hopefully this dad’s old house isn’t for rent…I mean, if we could just move in, you know…it’s better than giving it away to a stranger.”

“Ah… well… it was the first house your dad and I bought together, so I’m not sure I’d want to rent it. But why do you suddenly want to be transferred, Lewis? I thought you loved Florida.”

Lewis called Edith just because his fiancee’s parents wanted to meet her. | Source: Pexel

“Ugh, Mom,” Lewis hesitated. “We had plans in mind. Natasha wanted to start a business, and as for my work…”

“See, Lewis…” Edith was about to say something when she heard Natasha silence Lewis on the phone. Turns out he was fired from his job, which is why they planned to come back.

Edith was fed up with Addison and Josh, so she was willing to turn down Lewis’ request. However, when she refused, he would bring up Addison and Josh and make a fuss, which is why she eventually gave in.

Natasha and Lewis have settled into their old home and everything seemed fine for a while. However, when Addison gave birth to a child, Edith couldn’t take it anymore.

She was 84, still working on the small farm she owned, and now also had to look after Addison’s newborn. She felt like she couldn’t handle it anymore and it was affecting her health. She told Addison and Lewis that she wasn’t feeling well and asked them to take her to the doctor.

Lewis replied: “Sorry Mom, Natasha and I are very busy so we can’t. Better ask Addison and Josh!”

But Addison and Josh had already declined, telling them they were going to a friend’s party and later taking him to a doctor. After noticing her children’s disinterest, Edith announced one day that she was moving into a foster home after selling all of her houses. She made this announcement over dinner.

Edith made the announcement at dinner. | Source: Pexel

“All right, kids,” she said. “It is high time you learned to take care of yourself. With that I have made my final decision. I announce to you that I intend to sell the houses and move into a retirement home where the ‘I will until to the end of my days. Anyway, you only care about your well-being and didn’t think about your elderly mother.”

Lewis laughed. “Oh, come on mom. I hope you are not serious. You still don’t want us to go like this. I’m sure there will be retirement homes that will take you in for free. You don’t have to sell the houses.”

Edith glared at him. “Excuse! Who are you to decide that? The houses are mine, Lewis, and it’s up to me what I do with them. And Addison and Josh will be moving too. The education of their children is their responsibility and they must take it upon themselves.”

“But Mom,” Addison replied. “How can you tell us to go? We have nowhere to go and I have two small children with me!”

“Well, my dear. That’s your problem. I’ve made a clear decision. Your things should be packed and taken away by tomorrow morning. I’ve already called the agents and they’re coming.”

Edith’s children did not like her decision. | Source: Pexel

The children were furious with their mother’s decision and hurled numerous insults at her before leaving the dining table. But Edith didn’t move because she had an ingenious plan in mind.

A week later Edith finally found two buyers for both of their houses and they paid a pretty good sum for them. To the surprise of her children, she decided not to go to a retirement home with the money she earned. In fact, she has bought an exotic seaside apartment in a new town where her friend Martha lives.

After Edith told her how Addison and Lewis were doing, Martha suggested moving to her town. Edith thought the idea made sense, so she did what Martha suggested.

After moving into her new home, Edith had a great time with Martha and relived the good old days hanging out together, watching old movies and shopping. Edith misses Terrence and her two grandchildren, but now that she is separated from her toxic children, she feels happier and more relaxed.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Stop treating your parents like they don’t matter. Edith’s kids took advantage of her, so she taught them a lesson they’ll never forget.
  • Don’t take someone’s generosity as a sign of weakness. Edith’s kids had no idea they were being kicked out, but it happened and they were surprised.

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