“What will shape 2022 is the fair price phenomenon and the return to negotiation. »

After a record year in terms of transactions, Yann Jéhanno, President of the Laforêt network, takes stock of the 2022 trends in the real estate market and is committed to the implementation of a major housing plan.

What conclusions can we draw from 2021?

Yann Jéhanno: “The year 2021 is the year of all records. In transaction volume, in price growth, in dynamics. No one would have predicted a year like this that will see it top in sales volume. Many projects could not be carried out in the special and already dynamic year 2020. There was a catch-up effect and then new investment projects, second homes, main homes, relocations. Demand keeps growing. purchasing projects. Given demand, supply is struggling and struggling to recover. All areas have taken on colors with the nuance of Paris, the only major metropolis whose prices have fallen in 2021.

In the regions, the overall increase was 5 % on popular seaside resorts, particularly in Brittany or Normandy. In Vannes, for example, the price increase was double digits. Finally on the entire Atlantic coast. In terms of sales times, in France we sell in less than 3 Month. This reflects the extremely strong momentum, the enthusiasm for real estate projects. Paris, for its part, is considering an extension of the deadline 4 days, in favor of the Ile-de-France, carry-over market. For the margins of the negotiations when we were in between a few years ago 7 and 8th %, we are here now 4, 5 %. You have to decide quickly, not be choosy.

Have you noticed a slowdown in activity since early 2022?

Activity dropped sharply in January. It’s a cyclical setback because there have been many cases of Covid that have delayed or even postponed real estate transactions. Whether it is properties that are not accessible because people have been locked up, visits have been suspended, real estate agents who have had to isolate themselves, etc. Since the beginning of February, we have been experiencing a “normalizing” real estate market with demand and purchase volumes always well above market supply .

“What we’ve seen since the first two months of the year is a return to the mercy of metropolitan areas that had been ‘neglected’ in 2021. Many French people wanted to be outside and out of the city centers. We see today that he is asking for it Family apartments are increasing significantly, as in Paris for 3 or 4 bedroom apartments, the demand is changing 23 % compared to the month of December. Young professionals, who are ultimately interested in cities that offer career prospects, transport links, access to culture and leisure, are also very present. There is a new strong interest brand for the metropolises. The phenomenon that will mark 2022 is the right price and the return to negotiations. Today a perfect good sells very quickly if it is well distributed, well aligned and well placed. Even the smallest defect brings back negotiations and buyers who take more time. And that is likely to be a more permanent phenomenon. »

Is there a risk of price breakage?

“Since December we have recorded on average 2, 2 % price increase, mainly on houses. The need for outdoor space, extra space and greenery is always there. Now it’s obvious that between Credit Access Conditions which are exacerbated with prices which are always on the risekeeping yourself at a high level, we put aside some of the potential buyers who are no longer able or willing to buy a house.

That energetic renovation is a necessity for everyone. But the schedule is unrealistic. Since January 1 it would be necessary to deliver 1000 Accommodations per day completely renovated. And then there remains the problem of funding the work beyond the help of MaPrime rénov. Apartment renovation of the energy class f to an energy class Dthis means to reduce the consumption of 50%. This is worrying because the private rental stock makes the difference 25 % of primary residences in France.”

What do you expect from the presidential election in terms of housing policy?

“I would have waited for us to talk about housing. That’s not the case. It is the great absence of the presidential debate. I think the software needs to be changed. We need to address the issue of housing that he represents. Living is the focus. Purchasing power, access to employment, education, culture. It is not an adjustment variable of the state budget or the climate and resilience law. Then you need to separate the case from a quinquenium. On cannot solve the housing problem in France in 5 years. You have to go a large housing project what is necessary. This is primarily about territory planning. Abolishing the outdated zoning may be one way, as may the Denormandy system, which could be aligned with the challenges of energy refurbishment. And then a work that is closer to the housing actors.”

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