Women’s Six Nations Tournament. To the blues, to imitate the blues

LThe French met the English on Saturday (3.15 p.m.) in Bayonne, where nothing more and nothing less than victory in the Six Nations Tournament is at stake. The Jean Dauger Stadium is packed for this final day crunch. And the Bleues will need the support of the audience to compete with the “Red Roses” for 80 minutes.

This shock against England, big favorites at the 2022 World Cup (October 8 – November 12) in New Zealand, where they will meet France in the group stage, is therefore more than expected: it is a repeat in full. “Winning a competition like this brings a group together. That would be huge, a nice message before the World Cup, that would give us confidence.appreciates the third line of Montpellier Romane Ménager already present in 2018.

While their own had a literally perfect run with four bonus wins, the “Red Roses”, who are at the top of the table thanks to a better point difference, have it better: They convinced.

“Winning such a competition would be a great message ahead of the World Cup, it would give us confidence” Roman Menager

They first defeated Scotland (57-5), then Italy (74-0), disgusted Wales (58-5) before atomizing Ireland (69-0), averaging over ten tries!

Which is far from the case with Les Bleues who, despite flattening on average five times a game, sometimes faltered their rugby to completion “frustrated”
during each of their sessions, particularly due to uncompleted second periods. An unthinkable relaxation given the challenge that awaits Gaëlle Hermet’s band this Saturday: in the last ten confrontations, England has won nine times. But on closer inspection, there is hope. Firstly, because France have emerged victorious from 21 of the tournament’s last 22 home games. Then because the last three encounters between these two selections have ended with a very small margin. In April in Lille, the English won (17:15) after the game was interrupted in the 62nd minute due to a power failure. A week after a win (10-6) at Twickenham Stoop. In November 2020, again in London, it was almost enough (25:23).

Two big striker packs

Another positive point: the defence. In the first four games, France averaged 170 tackles, England “only” 112 and conceded only three attempts.

“England, like France, are mainly two forward packages”second with the best scrum rate in the tournament (97%), while first is the most solid on the Mauls, Thomas Darracq, the Bleues’ sports manager, underscores after whom “the ability to take risks” will be crucial.

With a formation of young “full of freshness” and old ones from 2018 at ” lived “ Noble, everything is possible, thinks Annick Hayraud.

Because a “crunch” always remains unique. The coach is convinced: “We have a chance to beat this team. ».

From XV: Jacquet – Boujard, Filopon, Vernier, M. Ménager – (o) Drouin, (m) Sansus – Hermet (cap.), R. Ménager, Ferer – Forlani, Fall – Joyeux, Sochat, Deshaye. Substitute: Touyé, Lindelauf, Brosseau, Annery, Gros, Chambon, Trémoulière, Boulard.

It would be the third double

If France wins the tournament, it will be their seventh time lifting the trophy – and sixth with the Grand Slam as a bonus – since 2002 and the move to six teams. And it’s the third time she’s won the title in both men’s and women’s competitions. The first double dates back twenty years ago, in 2002, when the Grand Slam was achieved by both Bernard Laporte’s boys and Wanda Noury’s girls. The second, also involving a Grand Slam, dates back to 2004 when Bernard Laporte was still at the helm of the men’s team while Francis Cadène was in charge of the women’s team.

Other nations have also been crowned at both events in the same year: England four times (2003, 2011, 2017, 2020) and Ireland once (2015).

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