Are you thinking of selling your home? Stéphane Plaza revealed some selling secrets… Who is better placed in the field?

First, Stéphane Plaza explains: “ If you want to sell, you should first find out about the latest sales in your area. Not the price shown on the adverts but the actual selling price at the time of signing. Don’t hesitate to ask your neighbors, the babysitter… to get an acceptable approximation, 4 or 5 references are often required. » He adds that the information collected can be supplemented on the state’s Demand for Land Value (or DVF) website, the notaries’ real estate barometer. ” It is updated drop by drop with a delay of several months and, moreover, we do not know the condition of the apartments or houses sold”, complains the expert.

Sell ​​your house, the puzzle simplified by Stéphane Plaza

You must also remember to make your home less personal so that potential buyers can introduce themselves there. If you run out of furniture, there are solutions to furnish the space. “If you have moved your furniture and the rooms are empty, cardboard furniture solutions can help”, explains Stephane Plaza. Don’t hesitate to repair when needed, using the inexpensive and time-saving technique that comes to us from the United States: home staging. ” An almost turnkey property seduces much faster. And time is money! » Note that if you have a lot to do, you should focus on a single room like the bathroom or kitchen.

Title deed, technical real estate diagnosis, co-ownership documents… Your file must be complete and consistent. It only takes one detail and the sale doesn’t go through! ” These documents are necessary to elapse the 10-day withdrawal period that the buyer has after signing the promise or contract of sale and the items received. If only one is missing or a diagnosis is out of date, the cancellation period is still running and your buyer could withdraw. The cancellation period begins on the day after the delivery of the registered letter with the settlement and its attachments. explains Stephane Plaza.