Houses, buildings, apartments, land for sale from €1000 in Picardy

Are you looking for the right offer?  It can be found at court auctions.
Are you looking for the right offer? It can be found at court auctions. (©AdobeStock)

To find them, you must search the Web or directly from Courts of Justice of Picardy. Out of Properties are auctioned in the coming weeks at unbeatable prices.

NewsOise has identified about fifteen objects for you – Apartments, gazebo, building, barn, land – which will be sold by the courts between April 26, 2022 and early June Beauvais, Compiegne, Soissons, Saint Quentin and Paris.

415 € per m2 for an apartment in Compiegne

You want to invest and get a good deal, the right opportunity could be listed below.

With a Starting price of €1000, it is a garden property that will be sold by the court of Soissons on April 26th. The price could even fall by a quarter if no bid was made at the call price.

In L’Rushin Compiègne we find a 65 m² apartment2 with loggia, a vacant bedroom, which is on the 3rd Compiegne. If we know that the average price per square meter for an apartment in the same city is €2,281, source, such a property sold at normal price would be around €150,000!

A 100 m pavilion2 for €20,000

Another good deal spotted in the Oise, this one 100 m pavilion2 in Croissy sur Celle. The overturn price displayed by the Beauvais court on May 11th will be €20,000.

For the same price it is a Farm buildings in Chaumont en Vexin which are sold the same day.

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What you should know before buying at auction

Before rushing to these auctions to buy the property of your dreams, there are a few precautions you need to take. You must contact an attorney who will speak on your behalf at the auction. It is strongly recommended to view the property prior to the auction. The dates of possible visits are indicated on each page of the website on which the advertisement appears.

Proof of identity and a deposit check for 10% of the starting price of the item sold is required before participating in the auction.

If your bid is the highest, you will be declared the winning bidder or beneficiary of the auction. But beware: you must pay the sums indicated by your lawyer and a ten-day overbid period will be taken into account.

Still in the Oise it is a two room apartment in Boran-sur-Oise, which will be offered to the Paris court on May 12 for 20,000 euros. In Conchy-les-Pots, a old brick barn is sold to the Court of Compiègne for €10,000.

Seven apartments for the price of one in Saint-Quentin

NewsOise has also unearthed some very good opportunities in the Aisne. Like this real estate complex in Saint-Quentin comprehensive seven apartments (four of them rented) at a price of €75,000 or just over €10,000 per apartment. A very good deal for anyone who wants to invest, because with an estimated average rent of €500, the building can bring in more than €40,000 per year … It is the Court of Saint-Quentin that will proceed with this sale May 18th. .

In the village of Fresnoy-le-Grand, the Saint-Quentin farm will also sell on May 18th a set of two small houses two and one bedroom, with garden both at a price of €8,000. If you don’t bid, the starting price drops by 25%!

In the same village, a third house, rented here, with bedroom and garden also costs 8,000 euros.

€5,000 for an apartment in Soissons

In Château-Thierry, it is an apartment of 79 m2 composed of three bedrooms plus parking space to be auctioned on April 26th by the Court of Soissons with a starting price of €30,000, ie €380 per square meter, more than 400% lower than the current average price (source Meilleuragent .com) .

We spotted one in the list too Apartment type 1 in Soissons, with a prize on May 24th €5,000.

If you’re told the region is full of good deals, all you have to do is look for it…

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