four bleues follow during the duel between France and England

Les Bleues host England this Saturday (3.15pm) in an attempt to win the Grand Slam in the Six Nations Tournament. Laure Sansus, Caroline Drouin, Audrey Forlani and Agathe Sochat will start, hoping to bring down the 22-game unbeaten Red Roses.

Laure Sansus (27, scrum half)

Laure Sansus (27), the author of a brace against Wales (33-5) last Saturday, has been shining since the start of the tournament. First substitute against Italy (39-6) to open the competition, the scrum half has since chained terms.

However, the Toulousaine cannot have been there. In 2017, at just 22, the then international international, too torn between professional life and rugby life, decided to retire. “I did everything halfway, I couldn’t perform on the pitch. I had to make a choice and the only thing that allowed me to eat was my job,” she confided The team in 2020. But after a year’s hiatus, Stade Toulousain contacts them again and Laure Sansus returns to the service. This time the club is offering her an internal position, with hours adapted to her life as a player.

With the number 9 at the back of the club like the France team and a similar style of play, Laure Sansus is sometimes referred to as “the female Antoine Dupont”. And while the players don’t need to be compared to their male counterparts to exist, Laure Sansus finds the analogy flattering. Especially since ahead of the France-England final for the Grand Slam there are many questions about their desire to emulate the XV Men’s France. “The boys write their story, we write ours,” replies Laure Sansus.

Caroline Drouin (25, fly half)

Caroline Drouin, absent from Cardiff with a knee injury, will be back for the crunch. The Breton reclaims her place as number 10 and brings Jessy Trémoulière back to the bench. “Caroline is our number 1 in this position. We’re counting on her starting, especially for her defensive dimension and her ability to unite because there will be intensity,” explains Thomas Darracq, Les Bleues sporting manager.

Faced with the English steamroller, Annick Hayraud, manager of the XV. from France, saying that she “defends very well”. Caroline Drouin also clarifies the progress made by the French team in the previously missing footwork area. “She’s technically a complete girl. She knows the trust we place in her and I think she can animate the game against the English in a relevant way,” Annick Hayraud continued. Especially against the Englishwoman, Caroline Drouin will count on her game at the foot of the cast.

Audrey Forlani (30, second row)

This is the main information about the composition of the XV. of France against England. Second line Audrey Forlani will start the game alongside Madoussou Fall, and Celine Ferer will slip to the third wing line position.

The Blues’ strategy: pack in to face the formidable English pack, but also have an added advantage in contact with a third second line. “The English conquest is effective, we want to fight it in all aspects of the game, especially in the static phases, in the scrum and on the touchline, on the ground or in the air. Audrey Forlani’s experience and qualities allow us to make this choice,” said Thomas Darracq.

Agathe Sochat (26 years old, hooker)

After last weekend’s good showing in Cardiff, the entire French first line has been renewed for England. Between Annaëlle Deshaye and Clara Joyeux: hooker Agathe Sochat, also vice-captain of the team. Defending champions against Italy and Ireland, then disappeared from the scorers’ chart and even from the Marcoussis aisles. But she had a (very) good excuse.

Agathe Sochat actually left the group at the end of March to be with his wife for the birth of their daughter. “A hasty departure from Marcoussis to attend the best meetings. A few days of family rest before we find the blue again for this Six Nations 2022!” she announced on Instagram.

“I’m usually reserved about my private life, but it was necessary to explain my departure in the full tournament. […] I also wanted to show that not everything is secret. The PMA has been legal in France since last summer. I don’t want to be a speaker, but that was an indirect way of pointing it out. And the message is great because there are many women who are asking questions or are afraid to speak up. Yes, there are homosexuals in sport, there are also many heterosexuals, it’s like everywhere else. It’s life, what!” Agathe Sochat then confided to the columns The team.

Limougeaude has returned to the rugby grounds after a two-week break, hoping to win the Grand Slam on Saturday, which Les Bleues have eluded since 2018.

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