Health, sport and citizenship in the region

The regional council, which is meeting this Thursday, is once again examining its ” Regional Health Pact » with the creation of a medical faculty and a university hospital in Orléans, but also with the strengthening of resources in Tours. In the social field, in addition to the development of sports practices and the strengthening of the association fabric, the region wants to experiment ” Area without long-term unemployment “.

By Jean Jacques Talpin

Francois Bonneau
François Bonneau, President of the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council. Photo by Jean-Jacques Talpin

The calm of the regional plenary hall should hardly be disturbed this Thursday in Orleans. The elected officials meet, although with a not very lavish agenda, but with a return to Jean Castex’s decisions. That ” health pact In addition, earlier this week, Ceser unanimously accepted that there was little discussion, although La France Insoumise, with the voice of Karine Fischer, will recall that ” it is up to the country to invest in its universities, not the region “. And it is true that the creation of a medical school on the La Source campus will entail costs: 13 million euros, divided equally between the state and the region, and 6 million for new physical therapy premises.

More nurses too!

Although the future doctors (105 in the 1st year from September) will be trained in the premises of the Faculty of Law and Economics, whose premises will be converted to accommodate medicine, but also the future teachers of the schools registered there INSPE. Remember that Droit Économie Gestion will move to the Madeleine campus in 2025. François Bonneau is all the more pleased with these announcements that they are not at the expense of the Tours Medical School, which will also receive new resources. Another satisfaction: the increase in power of nursing education: ” We’ve gone from 800 to 1,400 registrations this fall and probably 1,600 next September. In the Loiret, the number of nurses trained will increase from 240 to 400 “.” We’re super responsive !”, welcomes François Bonneau, echoing the words of the right-wing opposition and the center with the duo Forissier-Montillot, who believe that the region has a “ heavy responsibility in the closure of hospital beds and the emergency crisis caused by the lack of trained nursing staff “.

“These are chat rooms, we want action! »

When he refuses to attack or criticize the collaboration between Orléans and Zagreb, François Bonneau wants to mark his territory: ” I remain focused on my goal, the La Source health campus, not dispersing and refusing to consider competition between the two facilities. “But there is no question that the region is joining the association set up by the City of Orléans with several departmental councils in the region to tutor and support medical students.

Other topics are unlikely to disturb the session. A report on club life and another on sport should find general approval with some reservations. Charles Fournier (EELV) wants to insist on sport and disability, sport and equality between men and women. All also agree to consolidate community life with meetings, forums and consultations. ” All this is small talk jokes Nicolas Forissier (LR), we are not moving forward, it is absolute immobility. We want action “. There is another social issue that will generate consensus: experimentation ” Area without long-term unemployment in the case of permanent employment of unemployed persons by a project company » Partly financed by social assistance converted into wages.

Unemployment a side issue?

About ten regional areas could be affected, three of which are in the process of being flagged nationally. The region releases 500,000 euros for the initiation of projects with 80,000 euros for each experiment. With the key to an economic and human goal: to get people who are difficult to employ back into work and to further reduce regional unemployment, the rate of which today is little more than 6%. Which also explains why unemployment has become a side issue in presidential and parliamentary elections…

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