After the converted vans, make way for the converted buses! Here are 9 inspirations that will make you want to hit the road without leaving your cocoon!

More and more people looking for adventure, authenticity and originality are converting old school buses into their main residence or motorhome and driving them on vacation!

Converted Buses: Focus on this trend

Imagine… Being able to change destination in a few kilometers without ever leaving your cocoon: that’s what it is the converted busand even the delivery trucks ! Although many French people (and not only!) have succumbed to the van trend, some are even starting to do so develop school buses, much more spacious and affordable! This is the case, for example, of Alyssa and Will, an American couple who have decided to spend 6 months a year Bus laid out on the street, accompanied by her Bernese Mountain Dog. So they found a 18m² school bus which they turned into a real little house on wheels!

How do you organize your bus?

You found a school bus that you want to expand into a real small home? We then have to think about storage and optimization, because who says that Bus, called small space, often cramped! To do this, use the walls and the insides of the doors to attach shelves and supports (hooks, suction cups, etc.). Then keep betting smart furniture: Think trundle beds or convertible sofas for small spaces!

How do you turn a bus into a luxury motorhome?

It is entirely possible to cast a old school bus in a luxury motorhome. To do this, select noble materials. For example the work schedule could be solid oak and the sink ceramic or porcelain. On the decorative side, opt for design objects such as golden mirrors, brass toilet roll holders as well trendy bedding sets for a well-appointed room!

Converted bus for sale: where to find one

Search a converted bus for sale ? Many sites offer Used converted buses. This is indeed the case with Via Mobilis or Autoline. Note that second-hand sites like Leboncoin or eBay often offer converted buses for sale. As you will have understood, the choice is wide and you will surely find the bus of your dreams!