6 nations. Who is Laura Di Muzio, the women’s rugby consultant at France Télévisions?

Laura Di Muzio comments on the games of the Women’s 6 Nations Tournament and lives a life at 100 an hour.(©DR)

“Actually, commenting feels like a game as a player. There’s the prep, then the game you live, and behind the debriefing’ when Laura Di Muzio talks about her role as Consultant for France Televisionsher other caps aren’t necessarily very far off and particularly that of a high profile player with the Lille Metropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois (LMRCV) who plays in Elite 1, the top tier of the French women’s rugby championship.

A high profile gamer cap she was about to leave last summer when she signed up as a gamer Northern Club President, but the sporting reality quickly caught up with him: “I was considering playing on the reserve team this season, but for us (the LMRCV, editor’s note) it’s a very important year because there are two relegated teams will with dams. The association wants to get into the top 12, so it’s a crucial season. We play maintenance and the staff asked me if I could continue to accompany the group as a player. » A challenge that the former international at 7 and at XV accepted, even as she admits with a smile that she thinks “this time really is her last season”.

Board member of a foundation for the promotion of women’s sport

A final season as a player to move into her position as full-time President for her, which is already an executive as she is at the helm of the company LJA Sports. A company that she founded with two employees and that takes care of them Promotion of women’s sport, whether with athletes (she accompanies in particular the twins Ménager, Romane and Marine or also the septist Shannon Izar), but also with companies, in order to draw the parallel between sport and business administration. An environment that “enthralls her and, above all, allows me to organize myself and plan my schedule to manage the other parts of my life”.

In fact, one of the other parts of his life is taken up with his role as Consultant for France Televisions, since 2016 and a first experience of rugby sevens during the women’s round stage in clermont. Then the machine started and as she says: “There was a kind alignment of the planetsbecause when Sandrine Agricole was a consultant and left, France Télévisions had a shortage of consultants and they called me.

An unexpected call from Jean Ateilhou

Until the journalist called Jean Abeilhou which she remembers in detail and which changed her everyday life:

One day my phone rang, it was a number I didn’t recognize, and then he said to me: “Hello, this is Jean Ateilhou. I’m calling to offer you something.” I thought it was a joke, I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask him twice if it was really him and it was just brilliant. He told me that he was looking for a consultant and that I would have liked to be one.

Laura di MuzioConsultant for France Televisions

And the story was quickly resolved, despite a small problem: “I had booked a holiday, I canceled it. She describes this role as a consultant with great passion and, above all, admiration for Jean Ateilhou, the journalist who accompanies her: “It was he who taught me how to prepare for a game, be ready on D-Day and the has good information. Jean is exceptional, he is super caring. I learn from him every time we see each other. It is a eager which never ends. It’s a pleasure to work with him. »

Live there is no room for error

But preparing for a match isn’t just about a duet, as Laura is quick to remind us: “We work as a threesome. There are Jean Ateilhou, Inès Hirigoyen, the local journalist, and me. In fact, Jean calls Inès and me during the week to take stock of the composition, the teams that have come out and information about the game. »

Then comes the kick-off of the meeting and once it’s given, a completely different music begins for Laura:

When you’re live you no longer have the right to make mistakes because it’s without a network. With Jean we found our bond, our rhythm. We don’t hesitate to joke. It’s so fast. Sometimes you want to say more things and you can’t because the actions follow each other and it’s frustrating.

Laura di MuzioConsultant for France Televisions

Frustration quickly evaporates as this playful girl has only one goal when she comments, “Make sure people who watch TV have one good time and that they want to come back to see the next game. »

In addition to her work as a consultant, Laura Di Muzio continues her career as a top-flight rugby player
In addition to being a consultant, Laura Di Muzio continues her career as a top-flight rugby player at LMRCV.(© Aubin Lipke)

“Fill the stadium”

Especially since the role as head of the foundation for the promotion of women’s sport is never far away, as she explains: “Our goal in the exhibition is women’s rugby that the stadium is full and the number of spectators increases as the games progress. Also, in France we have the best audience in Europe. Even in England, Scotland, Ireland there is much less zeal and we are fortunate to have that an audience interested in women’s rugby. »

Supporters who do not hesitate to help and accompany her after the comments: “I had no criticism when commenting on women’s rugby because I am a player, I have a certain consciousness and credibility on this one. There are extreme people benevolent who sometimes text me to tell me I’ve made a nice mistake. »

Learning to tame the world of television

But not everything was always nice for Laura behind the microphone, everything was rosy: “I once commented on a European Cup game to help out. It was a Toulon Leicester in Mayol and there, exceptionally, I had a lot more negative comments on social media after the game than in women’s rugby. »

It was therefore necessary to adapt and learn to discover a universe that is not necessarily common:

I didn’t know this world of television. We are very exposed, especially on social networks. There are some people who say I don’t know anything about it. In these cases you have to let go. It’s also a learning process, you have to know how to take a step back.

Laura di MuzioConsultant for France Televisions

Similarities between the different roles

Despite it all, the top player has found similarities between her role for television and her role on the pitch: ” In fact, it looks like a game as a player. Listening again, mastering silence, explanations. And going even further: ‘It looks like the games we’re playing, even if physically it’s not that painful (laughs) … In the end it’s exactly the same. You cannot arrive without being prepared and believing that it will come naturally. If you want to be relevant, you have to be prepared. »

A preparation that will first lead him to the commentary on the last two games of the 6 Nations tournament, Wales-France, and then to the long-awaited final of the tournament against England. in a Jean Dauger stadium already sold out. With a desire to live and share emotions at the microphone before returning to her life as president, player, executive director, much more “classic” for her.

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