Frédéric Leterreux and Jérôme Ého create an explosive sequel to the comic strip L’espion du Jour-D

Through Frederic Bourgeois Published on Jul 6 22 at 12:08 pm The renaissance of Bessin See my news Follow this media Frédéric Leterreux (screenplay), Claire Dumas (colours) and Jérôme Ého (drawing) present volume 2 of the comic strip L’espion du Jour-D. ©Frédéric BOURGEOIS After escaping the occupying forces and reaching England 1940, Franco-British spy Greg … Read more

Juxta/Allisone: a strategic partnership to improve dental practice through artificial intelligence

Juxta, a subsidiary of the DL Software group and publisher of software for healthcare centers, has entered into a partnership with Allisone, a specialist in dental X-ray analysis for dental surgeons. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the two companies want to offer dental practices patient monitoring with added value. In France, 60% of respondents give up … Read more

The Minions 2, The Sadness, Peter von Kant… the theatrical releases of July 6th

Minions 2: Once upon a time Gru, The Sadness, Peter von Kant… what are the theatrical release dates for the week of June 29, 2022? Each week, Ecran Large makes its market in cinemas, picking out some must-see releases and films (for good or bad reasons). With unbearable yellow bugs, the trashiest movie of the … Read more

5 questions for Julien Chiaroni and Arno Pons on the Digital New Deal Trusted AI Report

How to better regulate artificial intelligence, fight against prejudice and excess, and work towards establishing trustworthy AI, based in particular on transparency, without impeding innovation? To answer these questions, the think tank Digital New Deal presented its report “Trusted AI, Strategic Opportunity for Digital and Industrial Sovereignty”. The authors have developed 18 proposals to make … Read more

Online fraud: 35% of French adults have been victims at least once in their lives

35% of French adults admit to having already been victims of online scams, a phenomenon highlighted recently by the film The Tinder Scammer and the series Inventing Anna aired on Netflix, which show the level of sophistication achieved by the subterfuges used is achieved. A survey published by Avast, a global specialist in digital security … Read more

Artificial intelligence at the service of offside detection

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] How can the relevance of artificial intelligence be defined? Artificial intelligence (AI), which is increasingly present in our world, enables machines to imitate a form of real intelligence. But how do you define it? Despite the generalization of VAR (video assistance), offside remains the main point of contention … Read more

China strengthens environmental protection through digital technologies

“Today we increased the detection rate of Asian elephants to over 99%. We are able to track herds even if we just photograph an elephant’s tail at night,” said Sun Yonghao, deputy general manager of the department of natural resources of Inspur, a leading Chinese big data and cloud computing company. In the Asian Elephant … Read more

Mobile cobots to automate cleaning tasks in canteens

A new innovation project, FacilityCobot, aims to develop a unique mobile robot that can relieve cleaning staff of repetitive or physically demanding tasks. The solution integrates an intelligent building sensor system with a human-robot interface, allowing the robot to work effectively side-by-side with cleaning staff in large open spaces such as canteens and offices. Mobile … Read more

Cryptocurrency services market size and forecast

New Jersey, United States – That Cryptocurrency Services Market The research report aims to provide a quick overview of the overall industry performance and key emerging trends. Important information along with conclusions, latest key drivers and limitations are also described here. Market analysts use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative techniques, including in-depth interviewing, … Read more

Big data reveals the mystery of psychedelics

Using machine learning and big data, a team of Canadian researchers tried to understand how drugs affect the brain. In the near future, artificial intelligence could recommend drugs to treat various mental illnesses. the The human brain is an infinitely complex organ, and we are far from understanding all of its mysteries. However, science is … Read more