the mass movements of metalheads being studied by science

Researchers used the Clisson Metal Festival that just ended to conduct a study at the heart of pogos to better prevent deadly bumps. With a combination of sensors and an orange beanie, strange festival-goers mingled with the dancing hordes of Hellfest: These scientists are conducting an unprecedented study of mass movement to better prevent accidents … Read more

Erosion: A unique network in the world that can rebuild dunes

It’s a brand new approach to combating beach erosion that a French inventor is developing across France. Witnessing the inefficiency of hard defensive structures – including breakwaters or rocky groynes, some protecting a beach from the force of the waves, others limiting currents and sediment flows – Dominique Michon developed the S-ABLE device. Twenty years … Read more

China Accelerates – {Science²}

Annual scientific journal Nature publishes its indicator on the geopolitics of science. The year 2022 can make Joe Biden sweat. It shows that China’s strategic quest to achieve parity with the United States is at the end of its spectacular scientific research efforts. The index of Nature is based on measuring scientific publications in 82 … Read more

the Great Belt, cold bridges

Published on : 02/07/2022 – 08:06Changed : 02/07/2022 – 08:04 Copenhagen (AFP) – Second day and first pitfall of the Tour de France: the double bridge of the Great Belt on Saturday and its 18 kilometers over the sea promise a day full of excitement in the peloton, also for Tadej Pogacar, already caught by … Read more

Are the young academics who want to “change the model” “idealistic” and “immodest”?

In a column published in Figaro Vox on Monday June 27, Vincent Le Biez, high civil servant and polytechnic, sharply criticizes the promotion of newly qualified engineers. After students from AgroParisTech and then from HEC, it is now students from Polytechnique who are expressing their dismay during their graduation ceremony. I’m one of those students. … Read more