Fast radio bursts reveal hidden matter around galaxies

We don’t know their origin yet, but they might prove useful. In a study published in the journal natural astronomyResearchers were able to calculate Dimensions halos diffuse who surround galaxies between a quick radio burst and getting in the way. First discovered in 2007, fast radio bursts, often abbreviated FRB Fast radio bursts are very … Read more

NGOs oppose seabed mining

Posted Jul 7, 2022 6:36 am Lithium for batteries or strontium for electric motors, these metal resources, which are increasingly valued by industrialists, could soon be extracted from the depths of the oceans. Between 400 meters and 6 kilometers under the water surface, these metals can be found alongside yeti crabs, colorful anemones or tube … Read more

Science at the planet’s bedside

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, depletion of non-renewable resources, growing inequalities: there is no doubt in the scientific community that there is an urgent need for action. The general public is also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable development and expects governments and companies to make their contribution according to their impact, their … Read more

Lucy’s father, really?

On June 22, Yves Coppens, the famous French paleoanthropologist who had become a monument in his country, died. The departure of this researcher, professor, museum director, author, popularizer and Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour, awarded with many other medals or awards, made headlines in all media in France and elsewhere in Francophonie. . … Read more

The next series of “Days”? To your votes!

MBut no, you’re not wrong: when the siren sounds, like every first Wednesday of the month, it’s the monthly delivery of “Lingerie des Jours” that tells you all about the behind-the-scenes of your favorite media outlets. With a special edition for this Wednesday dedicated to the journalists’ editorial conference and the topics they have chosen … Read more