why the stadiums chosen for the tournament are at the center of a controversy

The Euro 2022 football tournament kicks off in England this Wednesday with a clash between the host country and Austria at Old Trafford. However, the treatment reserved for women, and in particular the choice of some lesser-known stadiums, raises questions ahead of the big continental meet. The women’s European Football Championship 2022 starts this Wednesday … Read more

slandered, harassed… As early as 1881, British pioneers fought to open up football to women

When it comes to sport, England is often a pioneer. The glorious story is well known: football was born in the posh gardens of private schools. However, certain aspects of the adventure, especially when English women wanted to follow the movement initiated by their peers, remain in the shadows. Today, women’s football shines all over … Read more

72% of the French would like to see more women’s sport on TV, but we’re still a long way from that

Despite the French’s appetite for women’s sport on TV and record viewership at the 2019 Women’s World Cup, parity is far from effective on our screens. Will the women’s European Championship 2022, which starts today, finally shake up prejudices? The European Women’s Soccer Championship kicks off on July 6, 2022! Good news, you can watch … Read more

Speech by Elisabeth Borne at the General Assembly: Sport, culture pass from the 6th … measures for young people

Searching for compromises in a fragmented parliament, Elisabeth Borne unveiled her priorities in her general policy statement on Wednesday without assuming responsibility before the National Assembly, where the left-wing Nupes coalition tabled a motion of no confidence. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in the National Assembly for her keynote address. Photo Bertrand GUAY / AFP Released: … Read more

The Chinese national team was soon integrated into the French championship behind the scenes of a crazy project

The Ministry of Sport has to confirm the Chinese team’s participation in the French Men’s Championship (LAM) this Wednesday. Since Monday, this project has turned from a dream into a reality … even if questions remain unanswered. The story of the three days that turned French volleyball upside down. “We’re stuck ass!”: the expression of … Read more