Montpellier were crowned French champions after beating Castres

The game: 29-10 If logic was respected with Friday night in Saint-Denis pitting the two best teams in the league at the end of the regular phase, leaders Castres were completely dominated in the first period by Montpellier, euphoric and sharp, scoring three tries in six minutes (6th-12th) and knocked out their opponent. With this … Read more

Les Bleues are aiming for their first major title at the European Football Championship

After maturation, the time of consecration? It’s a largely remodeled French football team that will hit the English turf in ten days for the next European Women’s Championship (July 6-31). Leave Amandine Henry, the emblematic captain, Eugénie Le Sommer, the top scorer, or even Sarah Bouhaddi, the safe bet as a goalkeeper. The last eighteen … Read more

“This effervescence shows that the subject does not remain indifferent”

The work of M.-Y. Bolloré and O. Bonnassies, God, Science, Evidence published in autumn 2021, has reignited the debate about the relationship between science and faith. As the authors multiply the interviews, their conclusions are discussed at several conferences and published articles. So a column appeared in the cross written by a priest with a … Read more

📰 An early history of the earth in light of the missing xenon paradox

Photo credit: Chrystele Sanloup, IMPM By showing experimentally for the first time that trapping xenon in silicate minerals at high pressure and temperature leads to its isotopic fractionation, scientists have the “paradox (A paradox is a proposition that contains or appears to contain a logical contradiction, or a…) out xenon (Xenon is a chemical element, … Read more

Some foods not to eat before and after exercise

Improving blood circulation, fighting fatigue, strengthening joints, bones and cardiovascular capacity; There are so many benefits work out out Sports can provide an individual. However, to benefit from all these advantages Sportsthere are some Habits Food avoid. That said, there are certain foods that athletes should not eat before or after exercise. So what are … Read more